EFL Limited

Why EFL?

"It is of fundemental importance that what you want remains our main objective. As a consequence, over the years we have developed products that are different and satisfy a long list of our customers' needs.

If you want an unlimited mileage car lease with no possibility of excess mileage charges and no chance of of being charged for damage at the end of the agreement, then you must talk to us.

If you want to be able to part exchange your vehicle and so remove the inconvenience of having to sell it yourself, then you must talk to us.

If you want a vehicle now and can't wait weeks and weeks for a factory order, then you must talk to us.

If you want the flexibility to be able to upgrade your vehicle more easily before you get to the end of the agreement, then you must talk to us.

If you want to save money on a nearly new, late low mileage vehicle where the costly initial depreciation has already gone, then you must talk to us.

If you want a traditional contract hire deal, we have preferential terms with many manufacturers that represent extremely good value. You must talk to us about our contract hire special offers.

If you want to deal with a company that always puts you the customer first, keeps you informed and delivers a great value for money product on time, then you must talk to us.

So remember, before you order your next vehicle you really must talk to us."

Looking Forward

We know customers see the vehicle industry as having a poor reputation for customer service. What image does the car salesman conjure up? H’mm..We think that people’s concerns are correct and that is why we deal with you differently.

What are OUR GOALS?

We want to give you what you want. A good deal, good service, no hassle.
We want you to deal with us for years and recommend us to others, so you'll need to get a good deal, good service and no hassle.

How will we do this?

The lowest payments available making your vehicles affordable
Saving you money on 'nearly new' and 'pre-registered' vehicles
The most flexible lease for all your current and future needs
Making it easier for you to upgrade later on in the agreement
Giving you free delivery to your door within mainland UK
Giving you helpful service with helpful advice and detailed information
Offering Unlimited Mileage, provides you with many more options
How do I order a car or van from EFL?
Get a quotation online or phone sales on 01282 423884. When you have decided to place an order simply sign the quotation order and complete your proposal form for us to set up your agreement. This can be done online by accepting and submitting the forms or by telephoning our sales team on 01282 423884.

Our Unlimited Mileage contracts are for cars and vans that are physically available for delivery now. Contract Hire agreement cars and vans are subject to availability and in some cases may be factory order.

We quickly let you know that you are credit accepted. Only then will we require a deposit, which can be paid by credit card, bacs, chaps or cheque. You will be kept informed of the process at all times by our excellent administration department. They will be your direct contact for the paperwork and for delivery.

Check out what customers have to say about dealing with EFL - a company you can rely upon to save you money and deliver great service.